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How to clean marble - Tips From Professional Cleaners

How to clean marble - Tips From Professional Cleaners

Marble is becoming increasing popular or use in home applications. From kitchen countertops to floors, you can see marble everywhere. In fact, marble tables and furniture are also quite in vogue in the home décor market. While marble does add a sophisticated look to your home, it is important that you take good care of all the marble in your home to let it sparkle and shine for long. Marble can easily be harmed due to the acidic content in juices, colas or wines so proper care and maintenance are essential to prevent staining.

Before you learn about how to clean marble, you need to know that marble floors and marble countertops need regular cleaning. If daily cleaning is not possible, you definitely should follow the process twice or thrice a week.

Tips to clean your marble

Tips to clean your marble

Before you consider any process for cleaning your marble floors, tiles or countertops, you should bear in mind that marble is not like plastic, linoleum or wood. It is quite delicate and thus needs proper maintenance. Marble floors can easily get scratched and damaged while cleaning. It is therefore important to use the right cleaning products. For the end of lease cleaning of your marble floors, you can contact professional cleaners as they use only trusted cleaning products that will not harm the marble. Even for regular cleaning, you can opt for professional marble cleaning services.

Here are some DIY cleaning tips if you are considering doing the marble cleaning yourself.

DIY cleaning tips

Be very careful when you are using any chemicals or cleaning agents for marbles. You may have strong stains on the marbles but that doesn’t imply you will need a strong cleaning solvent. Consider only those cleaning products that are safe to be used on marbles.

Lime, vinegar and other acidic substances are known to be good cleaning agents but not for marbles. While these may seem to be natural and harmless to you, your delicate marble tiles and floors will end up more damaged than cleaned.

The best thing for cleaning marble is lukewarm water. Use a non-abrasive cleaning cloth or sponge to wipe off the stains. Always follow up the cleaning with a wipe up. The leftover drops of water can cause unsightly spotting on the marble. The best approach to get rid of stains on the marbles is to clean up as soon as possible. The longer you take, the harder the stain gets.

Always remember that marble is a porous substance and spills that are not wiped immediately can leave back stains. In order to provide some extra protection to the marbles, you can consider applying a light coat of colorless wax on your marble. The coating can offer extra protection to the marble from staining but if you have white marbles, avoid the wax as it may cause yellowing of the surface.

Considering the fact that marble is easily prone to damage, it is always recommended that you opt for professional end of lease cleaning in Melbourne service to avoid any hassles when you are moving out of your home. Several professional cleaning companies in Melbourne offer cheap end of lease cleaning that you can avail and reduce the stress of moving.


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