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Get Your Deposit Back: A Move-Out Cleaning Checklist

If you are planning to shift your house in an upcoming month then you must not forget about your security deposit. Claiming the security deposit is a tricky business and if you are not careful about it then you may receive very little or no return. Usually, there is a friendly relationship between tenants and landlord but when the matter comes to security deposit then the relationship may turn bitter. According to the research done by US news and world report, it is found that more than 30% renters do not get back 36% of their deposit and landlord give no explanation behind this. So if you want to get back your 100% security deposit then you must meet the obligations of the landlord. Generally, landlords don't expect anything more; rather they expect the cleanliness of the house and if tenants don't clean the house thoroughly before vacating the house then it becomes very difficult to claim 100% deposit. Usually, landlords want to see everything neat and clean, as it was before. So it is your responsibility to clean each corner of the house before leaving. In this blog, we are sharing some useful move out cleaning checklist which will help you to get your deposit back.

Clean everything - You have to clean everything. No matter, how many times you clean your house while staying but when it comes to getting your deposit back then clean everything and each corner of the house thoroughly.

  • Clean the floor and stairs of the house rigorously.
  • Take a soft cloth of cotton and clean windows, doors, fans, lights and switches.
  • Clean the carpet. If you are unable to clean it properly, then call a professional end of lease cleaning company. A professional cleaner vacuums the carpet and makes it clean.

Repair the damages- Don't give any chance to your landlord to spot any damage. Whether it's electrical or mechanical, repair all existing damages. Even, if the wall paint is peeling off, don't think too much and just repaint.

Clean the kitchen appliances- Clean the kitchen and its appliances thoroughly. Scrub out the oven, clean the refrigerator from inside as well as from outside and clean all cabinet and liners. Make sure that switches are working fine and if not then ask the electrician to fix it immediately.

Clean the bathroom- Make sure that the bathroom is clean and fresh. Wash the tiles, clean the mirrors, clean the toilet seat and make sure that the bathroom has no nasty fragrance.

Clean The Outside- Often tenants just clean the inside of the house and ignore the outside. In this way, they give a chance to the landlord. So it is better to clean the outside of the house. Clean the garage, maintain the garden, eliminate hoardings from the store room and backyard, if any. Don't forget to clean the pool, if you have one.

Wrapping it up- Security deposit is the large sum of money and definitely, it is not very easy to get. Generally, landlords don't give 100% security amount when tenants vacate the house without cleaning and damage fixing. So if you want to get full security deposit then cleans the inside as well as outside of the house thoroughly and fix all the damages you made while staying.


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